Cute Love Quotes For Him

Cute Love Quotes For Him

Cute Love Quotes For Him

Cute Love quotes for him

are meant for pampering your dream man lover with love and care

Cute-Love-Quotes-For-Him1I Love Coffee
I Love Tea
I Love You and
You Love Me.




Cute-Love-Quotes-For-HimHow do you know when a boy is serious about you?
1. He calls for no reason
2. His Friends know all about you
3. He refers to the both of you as we
4. He wants to know about your interests
5. He’s nice to your friends
6. He opens up to you.
Yet, some boys are just good actors.









You’ll always be the brightest thing in my sky
I’ll keep on shining as long as you are mine.





My head says, “Who cares?” but
then my heart whispers, “You do, Stupid…”


Don’t say you love me
Unless you really mean it.
Cause I might do something
Crazy Like Believe it.

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Cute Love Quotes For Him

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