Best Friends Forever Poems

I know we’ll be best friends forever. No matter where we are. I know we’ll never be too far. You’re my idol, my sister, my friend. We’ll be together till the end –

Best Friend Forever poems

Our friendship grows in every way
More and more everyday
From now until the very end
You’ll always be my forever friend.


Best Friends Forever Poems

Best Friends Forever Poems


When you’re down,
And the world seems dark and empty,

Your forever friend lifts you up in spirit.
And makes that dark and empty world.
Suddenly seem bright and full.

Your forever friend gets you through.
The hard times, the sad times,
And the confused times.

It takes a friend
to pick you up when you fall,
It takes a good friends

to pick you up and wipe away the tears
It takes a best friend
to laugh in your face


A true friend is always there for us,
To catch us if we fall,
They never swear, lie or cuss,
But they tell us to stand tall.
A friend teaches us to be humble,
Because they know that sometimes we stumble.
A true friend will always be there,
and we know that they care.
A true will always be true to heart,
And you two will never be apart.
Above all they know who you are,
And they will always be your shining star.

My best friend and I have always considered each other “best friends” but one day, shortly after we were in a HUGE fight, I was thinking about what it means to be best friends…

and present this lovely

Best Friends Forever Poems

to your buddy 😀


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