Cute Love Quotes For Him tumblr

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Cute Love Quotes For Him tumblr

Cute Love Quotes For Him tumblr

Your smilie is the cuttest thing
you’ll ever wear…


Cute Love Quotes For Him
 If I had a penny
for every time I thought
of you
I would be a

The best kind of kiss is the unexpected, unplanned
ones that come naturally
like in the middle of a

Cute Love Quotes For Him
 I want to run away with you
where there is only
You and Me

Right now,
someone you haven’t met is out there
wondering what it would be like to meet
someone like you

If you be my star
I’ll be your sky
Cute Love Quotes For Him

I know I should be giving up but my
Heart says not to and I go by the
saying ” Follow you heart”

True Love
Find a guy who will pick up every
piece of your broken and shattered
heart and put it back together again,
keeping one piece for himself and
replacing it with a piece of his


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